Christopher Tomas captures passion in his photographs.

Growing up in Richmond Virginia, Tomas fell in love with the art of capturing a moment in time. At a young age when his parents gifted him with his first camera in grade school, his sister became his first muse. Tomas became instantly attached to his camera and hasn't put it down ever since. Like any world renowned photographer, Tomas pulls his inspiration through many different avenues of life, whether it is Fashion, Music or Contemporary Art. Through his matriculation at Norfolk State University where he studied Fashion Design and Merchandising on a Marching Band scholarship, he fell in love with the famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon. He endlessly studied Avedon’s work ethic and the minute details of his photographs. 




Since moving to New York City in 2012 Christopher Tomas has shot with a number of brands and publications from Huffington Post to shooting Bernardo 1946 full campaign and look book. Tomas’s journey came full circle after finding out that Richard Avedon used to shoot Bernardo’s campaigns back in the 60s. Christopher continues to capture beauty through his lens with plans to open his own photography studio and collaborate with more brands and art galleries. 

Written by Brandon Murphy